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About us

Traveling and exploring a new world enriches your personality.

We are here in order to achieve a travel free of any hassles or excessive formalities and to take care of any documents/approvals needed for your travel.

Get Your Visa Fast is a company authorized under no. 45546577 in assisting clients worldwide in traveling formalities and documents: visas and Covid-19 or health entrance forms. The Covid or health forms are necessary to protect our health and the health of those around us, because it streamlines epidemiological investigations and health measures in support of the population.

We help you get your visa online so you don’t have to go to the embassy yourself and waste your time waiting in line just for the chance to apply for a visa. You can use the time that you save to do the things that you really want.

Also, we assist the clients in obtaining golden visas or residency by investment in Portugal and Turkey.

We make traveling easier for you. We take care of handling and processing your traveling information in order to obtain your visa or health entrance declaration within minutes up to a few hours, depending on your destination country.

We have a team of legal experts, advisors and data entry operators working 24 hours/7 days a week.

povestea companiei  Get Your Visa Fast SRL

Over 20 years experience in:

  • Simplified visa forms and Covid/ health entrance forms
  • A team of experts shall prepare and submit your application for visa / Covid form
  • Approved visa /Covid form 100% or money back
  • Guaranteed success rate
  • Online support

Our website provides information on how to navigate each step-in order to obtain your e-visa and how to obtain your Covid-travel form required to enter various countries.

What is visa applicable for?

Most of our visas are for tourist purposes, however you may find the purpose for which you may obtain a visa with us in each specific country section. Also, you will receive your e-visa by email and you should comply with its requirements in terms of validity and entries (one/multiple entry) in the country you applied for.

What is the digital entry form to or health form?

The form is a document that lists the countries and areas a person has travelled to before entering the country or the place of stay in that country in order to be contacted in case the person took person with a Covid-19 infected person or was identified on the random testing on the airport as Covid positive.

When should I fill in the digtal entry form?

The form must be completed individually no later than 24/48 hours before entering the respective country, depending on the country. It can be filled in electronically from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. The form doesn’t need to be printed.

Why us?



We believe with certainty that, in the current century of internet speed, technology is vital for an easy life and facing every-day to day formalities for any individual and a very good client experience. There is where we step in and use our platform and AI integrated technology and a robust team of professionals to apply on your behalf for visa and traveling forms for USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zeeland, Singapore, Croatia, Spain, Malta and others.



Ever since we started our company, we have aimed to come up with an original touch, to be available 24/24 for our customers and to act fast. Our goal is to bring to the forefront the fast application for visa or travel forms so that any client can travel without worry and with the necessary documents obtained quickly.



Time is of essence. We know very well that time is precious for you as our client so we maximize our potential in order to deliver to you very fast all the visa/travel documents you need so you can focus on other pending-to on your daily and monthly list.